Osage County, just south of the capitol city of Topeka, has a transfer station and a construction and demolition landfill located in Osage City, Kansas, plus an active recycling program with a permanent recycling center located in Lyndon, Kansas. Services are funded using both a tax mill levy and tipping fees assessed to users.

Transfer Station / C&D Landfill

4045 W 229th Street, Osage City, KS 66523
(785) 528-3790

Mon-Sat: 9 AM- 4 PM


Refuse collection is available to all Osage County city residences and businesses and most, but not all, of rural residences and businesses. Residential collections are weekly in cities and rural areas. Commercial and business accounts are collected on an as-needed basis.

Osage County operates a transfer station approximately two miles east of Osage City and one-mile north of Highway K-31. Waste is accepted from municipal and private haulers as well as individual county residents. Private individuals and businesses may deliver trash or construction debris to the transfer station using their own vehicles. The transfer station operator is trained to sample loads and keep records and may reject loads containing non-authorized wastes.

Osage County has a contract with Hamm Inc. to haul trash, using their tractor-trailer units, from the transfer station to their landfill in Perry, Kansas. Visit the county's website for the most up-to-date list of accepted waste and associated costs.


208 W. 17th Street, Lyndon, KS 66451
(785) 828-3824

2nd & 4th Sat: 9 AM - 11 AM


Osage County’s recycling program has expanded significantly over the last several years. A permanent Recycling Center has been established in Lyndon for collection, sorting, processing, storage and shipping of recycling materials. Operation hours have increased and staff members have been added.

Mobile collection trailers have also been located in the cities of Melvern, Osage City, Overbrook, Quenemo, Scranton, and Carbondale. Visit the county website for the most up-to-date list of accepted materials and trailer locations.

Accepted materials include:
• Newspapers
• Magazines, catalogs, and phonebooks
• Office paper and junk mail
• Plastics: #1 PETE and #2 HDPE ONLY
• Aluminum / Tin cans and scrap metal
• Glass: jars or bottles ONLY. NO broken dishes, Pyrex, light bulbs or window glass.
• Cardboard

Household Hazardous Waste

There is no Household Hazardous Waste collection or storage in Osage County at this time.