Miami County was one of the leaders in developing the Lake Region Solid Waste Authority and in community recycling. It now has a program that blends private and county government services, where the county has a contracted with Waste Management to operate the scale house, transfer station, and disposal of appliances (including refrigerants), tires, etc.

Waste Management has also been contracted to operate the recycling program throughout the county.  The County still maintains direct responsibility for managing the Household Hazardous Waste program.

Transfer Station / Recycling

23765 W 327th Street, Paola KS 66071
(913) 745-1912

Mon-Fri: 8 AM - 4 PM
2nd Saturday: 8 AM - Noon


Solid Waste

Refuse collection is available to all Miami County residences and businesses via private haulers. The cities of Osawatomie, Spring Hill, Paola, and Louisburg have mandatory service fees for city residences which also includes recycling services. The City of Fontana does not offer refuse collection. Residents who live outside these city limits are expected to dispose of their refuse on an individual basis, which is usually through a third party. The majority of waste generated in the county is hauled by commercial carriers, including Waste Management, L&K Services, and Town & Country. The rest is hauled by small private contractors or individuals.

All waste coming to the transfer station is weighed at the scales by Waste Management and a tipping fee is charged. Waste Management, is contracted to transfer the solid waste to Johnson County Landfill on a daily basis. Visit the county's website for the most up-to-date list of accepted wastes and associated costs.



Waste Management has been contracted to operate the recycling program throughout the county. Curbside recycling is available in Osawatomie, Paola, and Louisburg through a contract with L&K Group Holdings, a Waste Management Company. The program also includes staging roll-offs for voluntary drop-off in a designated recycling area near the transfer station. All recycling materials are taken to Waste Management’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Johnson County.

Miami County allows residents and businesses to comingle recycling materials for curbside collection, but there are some important conditions to follow to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the recycling process. Contaminated loads of recycling are disposed of trash and cost extra fees. Visit Waste Management's website for additional recycling instruction and tips.

  • Clean and dry Carboard. No food waste or greasy materials can be included (tops of pizza boxes only). Remove all internal packaging materials that are not cardboard (plastic wrap, styrofoam, paper). Flattening boxes is helpful and takes up less room.
  • Paper - white paper, paperboard, newspaper, bags, mail, phone books, magazines, calendars, packing paper, craft paper. Do NOT include: kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper, wax paper, shredded paper, or paper mache products.
  • Clean Aluminum or Tin cans, foil, lids and small items. Do NOT include pressurized or aerosol spray cans, stainless steel, or vehicle parts.
  • Clean hard Plastic with recycle numbers 1 to 7. Containers should be rinsed with no liquid, food waste (peanut butter), or other materials in them. Do NOT include styrofoam, plastic bags, wrap or film, plastic rings for beer or beverages, plastic buckets, trash cans or storage bins (ie. Rubbermaid), mixed material products like drink boxes, animal food bags, lined juice or milk cartons, garden hoses.


Although Glass is not allowed in the curbside collection bin, it can still be recycled locally. Ripple Glass is a KC company that collects and recycles glass. They have a placed designated roll-off collection containers in five locations within the county; one in the recycling center at the transfer station, one at each of the Price Chopper stores in Louisburg, Paola, and Spring Hill, and one at the Louisburg Cider Mill, located on K-68 Hwy east of Somerset Road.

  • Clean glass of all colors. Containers should be rinsed with no liquid, food waste, or other materials in them. Remove all caps or lids (they can go in the comingled).
  • Do NOT include ceramics, light bulbs, eye glasses, windows, or windshields. Remove glass from picture frames.


Do NOT include plastic trash or shopping bags in the recycling container (Walmart, Price Chopper, etc.). While it may be convenient to collect loose items such as cans and plastic bottle in a plastic bag, they may NOT be included within the collected materials or it will consider as trash and rejected for recycling.

Lakemary Business Solutions

1501 E Peoria, Paola KS 66071
(913) 557-4000

Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM - 3:00 PM


Lakemary Center is a non-profit organization that provides educational, mental and behavioral health, and social services to children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities. The Business Solutions program involves partnering with local companies to provide secure shredding, packaging and assembly, e-recycling, and work teams. These jobs are completed in service centers located in Miami and Johnson Counties and provide employment opportunities for many adults served by Lakemary. Visit their website for more program details.

Shredding - As a bonded and fully insured document destruction company, Lakemary offers an affordable option to safely and securely destroy important/confidential documents, where the work is done in accordance with the latest government regulations.

E-Recycling - Lakemary will accept and properly dispose of outdated electronics, as well as remove data from old computers, cell phones, and other devices, eliminating any risk of information exposure. All types of electronics (except televisions) are accepted. Hard drive drilling is available by request for an additional fee.

The service center in Paola has a dedicated box truck used to pick up materials from businesses and locations within Miami, Linn, and Johnson counties. In addition to providing employment opportunities for special needs adults, the service fees charged are typically less than those for comparable services in the area. Discounts are available for large quantities and the program is equipped to do community drop-off events. Contact Lakemary at (913) 557-4000 or review their Price Guide

Household Hazardous Waste

Public Works Facility
23765 W 327th Street, Paola KS 66071
(913) 294-4377

Wed: 9 AM to Noon


The county has a Household Hazardous Waste program and accepts approved wastes from individuals during regular business hours. Wastes are typically considered to be Hazardous if they have labels with the words “Warning, Caution, Poison, &/or Danger”, as they usually mean that the product had ingredients that may have one or more of the following characteristics: Corrosive, Toxic, Flammable or Explosive.

Accepted materials include:
• Used Oil
• Paint (oil-based only)
• Batteries
• Automotive Fluids
• Poisons
• Solvents
• Reactives

Materials NOT accepted include:
• Explosives
• Radioactive Waste
• Medical Waste
• Ammunitiona • Glass
• Asbestos
• Latex or water-based paint

Limited quantities of usable products such as spray paint, car wax, oil-based paints or stains and pesticides are available to organized groups and the general public. Re-use products are available for pick-up during regular hours of operation.

Materials from Miami County households ONLY. Business or commercial materials are NOT accepted.